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The Edmonton Firefighters’ Piping & Drumming Society was established in 2016. We are a registered non-profit society as defined and regulated by the province of Alberta. Our membership consists of active and retired members of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services. We were established to represent past, present and future members of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services along with their families, members of  IAFF Local 209, The City of Edmonton, The Province of Alberta, Canada and beyond by providing traditional Scottish Highland pipes and drums music.

Our mission is to provide emotional support and solace to the family and friends of fellow firefighters and first responders who have lost their lives in the line of duty; foster goodwill towards Edmonton Fire Rescue Services, the Edmonton Firefighters’ Union, the City of Edmonton and its citizens; provide dignity, honour, and pride to Edmonton Fire Rescue Services & IAFF Local 209 through ceremonies and functions while building and maintaining the tradition and spirit of the Firefighter.


To be a self-funded and governed ‘Society’ and rely on the continued support & collaboration between Edmonton Fire Rescue Services, Edmonton Fire Fighters Union-Local 209 and all other sponsorship when and where available.

To promote Highland Pipe & Drum music, including the continuation of a long standing fire service tradition within our fire department & community.

With pride, We represent and promote Edmonton Fire Rescue Services, The Edmonton Firefighters' Union Local 209, International Association of Firefighters, our City, Province & Country, with the utmost class, respect & Honour. 



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