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Edmonton Firefighters Pipes and Drums Tartan

The Edmonton Firefighters Pipes and Drums Tartan.

In early 2017,  The Edmonton Firefighters Pipes and Drums discussed the need to have a tartan that had tradition and meaning to the Edmonton Fire Department, its members, the City and region we help protect. Through this need we designed our own tartan. Tradition in the fire service is a fundamental part of the moral and respect for the job we all do. This Tartan will represent the Edmonton Fire Department for centuries to come.  With the Edmonton Firefighters Tartans inception,  comes Tradition, Honor and Pride. The design being one of a kind, was derived from many ideas from our Pipes and Drums members, but one that was modern, and very distinct as our own. It is a design that has tradition and meaning to the Edmonton Fire Department, its members and our City. It represents all members past and present, our Fire Department and the region we protect. 

After several months of research and a number of different designs.  The Final design was determined and registered with the Scottish Register of tartans and the weaving was started.  Several factors were included in the tartan design.  The colors were inclusive of our shoulder patches, Union logo, Edmonton Fire rescue Logos, Honour guard logo, our fire apparatus,  the Memorial Society and the City of Edmonton.  Red also represents our firefighters,  grey our Captains and yellow our Chief officers.  Black has the largest and most important representation, that being in honor of our brothers and sisters that have given the ultimate sacrifice.  Black is in memoriam of all Edmonton fire Rescue members who have served well and passed on in both active duty and non-active deaths.   

Several other factors that went into the design detail, but were not limited to, were the 5 branches in Edmonton Fire Rescue Services. The year 1906, when the Fire Department became full time and incorporated as the City of Edmonton's Fire Department. The 100 year anniversary of the Edmonton Firefighters Union, I.A.F.F local 209. The Pipes and Drums motto of Tradition, Honour, Pride. In addition our fire services Mission, Vision and Core values.  The 5 leadership principles of Edmonton Fire Rescue were included as well, We are one city, we are proud to serve the public, as stewards we lead, we do as we say, I make a difference every-day. 

The Edmonton Firefighters Tartan, was made into Kilts, Plaids, and other parts of our uniform. It will be worn proudly with honour and pride.  The kilt from this tartan will be worn at all official functions like Parades, Funerals, Memorials, Weddings, Recruit Grads, Pipes and Drums Competitions, Civic events, Fundraisers and much more. Currently, The tartan may only be worn by active or retired members of Local 209 & Edmonton Fire Rescue and including our honorary members who are kilted performing members within our society. The Tradition of this Tartan will carry on for decades to come.

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