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Our upcoming events:

Performance Bookings

For booking information please send request to

You will initially be in touch with our President and your request will be forwarded to appropriate persons within our organization. For example, Anything pertaining to event organizing & logistics, you will work with our Band Manager. 

Thank you for your interest in booking the Edmonton Firefighters Pipes and Drums for your event. The following are events we may attend but not limited to, they include:  Weddings, Parades, Civic events, Charity events, Recruit grads, Fire Dept. Retirements, LODD and Non-LODD Funerals or Memorials for First Responders, Remembrance Day ceremonies. For everything outside of a First Responder funeral, we ask for an honorarium, please inquire, performance bookings. 

As a Society, we will not attend political events during an election period.   As the Edmonton Firefighters Pipes and Drums Society we do not attend civilian funerals. We can however, arrange information based on the required needs, including Piper and Drummer contacts. Please contact us for further details 

We are a self funded not for profit society. All proceeds raised, are directed to the costs associated with Bagpipe and Drum lessons from professional instructors, Equipment maintenance, Practice facility rentals, Instrument purchase, Uniform items, Travel costs to and from national and international firefighter memorials and local events.. In a surplus year, proceeds may also be used to assist other recognized Edmonton Fire Department charities.  Donations are always welcome. Please inquire, if you wish to donate.



Our Tune List 

The Green Hills of Tyrol

When the Battle's Over

Scotland the Brave

Rowan Tree


The High Road to Gairloch


The Barren Rocks of Aden

Mairi's Wedding

Highland Cathedral


Funeral Tunes:

Amazing Grace

Going home


Booking Process

  • Respond to the organizers within 24hrs and let them know that their request has been received, is under consideration and that we will be in contact in due course with an answer.  Advise organizer about the process and costs, if applicable. All requests and the initial acknowledged response is to be CC’d in email or form to all EFFP & D executive members for review. 
  •  Amalgamate all advanced requests and present them to our executive in May of each year and then put together the summer parade/performance schedule; For short notice events it will be reviewed in a timely fashion about our commitment to the event. 
    Note for event organizers:  Short notice requests will be responded to in due time, but understand we need to send a call out to our members to check availability and prepare for the event.  For such short notice events (Anything under 4 weeks) we will do our best to confirm, 72 hours before the event, depending on notice time. But will respond with an answer no later than 48hrs before the event. Any requests under 48hrs, in most cases,  cannot be filled.  It is best to give us a few months notice of events at a minimum.  (Funerals are of course an exception)
  • Order of dress is then determined 
  • Once the performances have been approved they will be put out to our members whether they can attend or not and a deadline will be set for members to respond. 
  • The organizers will then be contacted and advised whether we will be attending or not, non availability of members or a conflicting schedule or any other reasons will be noted to the requesting party.