Tartan Gala 2024

Stay tuned for details!!

In celebration of National Tartan Day, we will be hosting our inaugural Tartan Gala on April 13th, 2024
Stay tuned for details!
Tartan Day is a celebration of Scottish Heritage that is held on April 6th, the day on which the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. The concept of Tartan Day began at a meeting of the Federation of Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia on 09 March 1986. The concept began with the following motion to the Federation:
"That we establish a day known as 'Tartan Day'. This to be a day chosen to promote Scottish Heritage by the most visible means. The wearing of the Scottish attire, especially in places where the kilt is not ordinarily worn, i.e.: work, play or worship."
On December 19, 1991, in response to action initiated by the Clans & Scottish Societies of Canada, the Ontario Legislature passed a resolution proclaiming April 6 as Tartan Day, following the example of other Canadian provinces. Here in Alberta, Tartan Day was officially proclaimed by the Alberta Government on April 6, 1992.