Our bands mace tradition.

Edmonton Firefighters' Piping & Drumming Society Mace Tradition

Our mace is used by the Drum Major to direct the band during parade marches & during massed band performances. Several movements are used with the mace to signal the band to turn, halt, march in place, slow down or speed up, including the start and stop of the tune set.

Inside our mace, we have a scroll with the names of all Edmonton Firefighters who have given the ultimate sacrifice. This tradition allows all those who have perished, to forever march out front with the band, leading a parade or to be at a fire department event in both spirit & memory.

Every year at our memorial, with the blessing of our Chaplin, we update the scroll, unfortunately with new names.

The idea was collaborated along side, the Edmonton Firefighters Memorial & Edmonton Firefighters Honour Guard. As we have no battle honours to add to the mace, the RCMP Regimental Pipes & Drums of Alberta recommended we do something like this.

Photo courtesy of Sneephotography