Chaplain Dowds retired

Chaplain Dowds

Here's some moments captured at the 2023 Edmonton Firefighters Retirees Banquet.
We recognized Chaplain Dowds for his support over the last couple of years as our band chaplain.
(Chaplain Dowds was the City of Edmonton's Chaplain, who also served as Chaplain for our fire service. We worked closely with John for funerals and other areas pertaining to his portfolio such as mental health, John retired this year.)
Presentation introduction by Society President Adam Lindsay on behalf of our members.
"The tradition of pipes and drums in the fire service here in North America is almost 2 centuries old. As you can imagine, there have been a lot of traditions adopted and developed over those years.
One of those traditions is for a pipe and drum band to appoint a chaplain. It only made sense for us to appoint Chaplain Dowds as our chaplain a couple of years ago.
Chaplain Dowds leadership and kind words of encouragement during Somber and celebratory times have been immeasurable.
Please know... you are truly appreciated.
In conclusion, we would like to acknowledge Chaplin Dowds as an Honourary Chaplain within our society. Forever an honourary member of our society."
Chaplain Dowds accepted a couple of tokens of appreciation from Pipe Major Badmington and Drum Major Adams on behalf of our membership and our society.
Photo credit: Photography by Barbara